Payment Options

What are my payment options?

  • Debit / Credit / Cheque Cards
  • VISA and Master cards
  • Instant EFT
    • Baby Buzz Retail Store
    • Bank Windhoek
    • Branch 483872
    • Acc Number 8002665582

Please note that payment must be made within 2 days of placing your order.

Are my credit card details safe?
Yes! We use the highest standard of encryption when passing payment information between your computer and our website. In addition, credit card details which are used for payment on our website are handled according to international best-practice standards with key data removed and encrypted. We do not record or retain any of the PIN or CVV numbers which are used for authentication of your card.

Can I pay in a foreign currency with my credit card?
Yes. Our payment processor will accept a non-South African credit card. You will automatically be billed in your credit card statement with the equivalent value in your currency.

Do you accept lay buys?
Regrettably we do not accept lay buys.

Do you accept direct deposits?
Yes we do. Simply select EFT as a payment method during checkout.

Do you accept Gift Cards as a method of payment for online purchases?
No, unfortunately vouchers are not able to be redeemed for online purchases.

Who do I contact should I have any payment queries or suspect fraudulent transactions on my card?
For any payment/bank related queries, or should you suspect fraudulent transactions on your credit card, please contact us on 264 61 303060.